We are absolutely nerdy for all things design, weddings, love and badassedness, music and art. If you want us to love your way, send something our way with what youve got in mind.

If you have a wedding, engagement shoot, love shoot or just a general love story you want our corner of the webiverse to see, send us your photos in a Zip file (600 px wide, please!) and your story and well be happy to take a peek at what you want to share. If your wedding or story has already been featured on another blog thats okay, just be prepared to share about a completely different aspect of your story. The way to our heart: Marriage means forever, badass weddings and tattoos seem to be the things we fancy most.

Yes. Send it. We are all about sophisticated design, a little bit of the cute and quirky, and a lot about talented artists. If you want to see if itll be right up our alley, check out what weve shared before, or take a leap and send it over anyway. The way to our hearts: Anything texturally brilliant, geometric and love-related.

We love music. We have this pipe dream of having our own label someday If you want to share some new music from your EP or maybe you just have a GarageBand track of you in the shower (okay probably not that) we want to hear it. The way to our hearts: Wedding playlists, love songs (of the badass variety) and well even take a mixtape you sent your love in 8th grade.